15/10/2014 11:30

OpenDoc Society collaborates with UK Cabinet Office

OpenDoc Society has signed an agreement to work together with the Office of the Chief Technology Officer (OCTO) of the UK Government Digital Service (GDS) to help the UK government migrate to OpenDocument Format. OCTO's goal is to equip government with the right technology to deliver great digital services.

The UK Cabinet Office announced the selection of the Open Document Format (ODF) for use across government for editable government documents in July 2014.

OpenDoc Society and GDS will collaborate on providing 'hands on' guidance to advise technology leaders in the UK government on how to implement and transition to ODF with the minimum of disruption for their users inside and outside of government.

The guidance will be primarily aimed at technology professionals in government who are managing the implementation of ODF in their organisation. It aims to provide the technical information required to implement/migrate to ODF with regards to software application management in an enterprise environment and integration with other tools, for example accessibility tools. We expect the result of this collaboration to be useful in helping technology professionals to devise implementation plans, build business cases and inform decision makers, project managers and trainers. This includes information that end users should find useful in avoiding interoperability issues across different software packages and software versions.